Master of unicycle, juggling pins, YouTube

YouTube Preview ImageIt’s Friday – and if you’re like me, you’re looking for a little something to watch while you’re waiting for that next staff meeting.

I never tire of watching Sean Emery fall down on his unicycle. I’m unusually partial to Sean because he works his butt off posting video content – and does a great job optimizing it. But yeah, I also follow him because Sean’s a client and also a client of another client, G. L. Berg Entertainment.

I know. You’re howling, “Gratuitous plug!” But this post has a serious social media point – and it’s that Sean’s the kind of social self promoter that other talent out there should emulate. Why?

  • Frequent posts
  • Creatively shot video
  • Posts aren’t gratuitous self promotion. (It’s just funny.)
  • Videos are available in HD
  • Video entries and optimized, including links to his own page and his agency’s page. We’d love to see him on Facebook and tweeting, but hey, we understand he’s juggling a lot of stuff.

Because — see — Sean’s also a juggler. Get it?

Offend much?

socially offensive

Good Lord.

Remember the good old days when people just waited patiently to be sent straight to Hell?

How to Evaluate Links – A Checklist + Tools

Interesting. Wish the author would have devoted a little time to the difference between MOZrank and PageRank and so on. But interesting nevertheless.